Thank you for visiting the site in support of my candidacy.
Thank you for visiting the site in support of my candidacy.
Daryl Gould for RI State Representative-District 67
Daryl Gould forRI State Representative-District 67

About Daryl

Lets start with the basics...


I am a 43 year old single father of three school age children, and small business owner. I have spent the majority of my life in the East Bay area living in Bristol and Barrington before settling in Warren in 2005. I attended a mix of public and private schools (Bristol High School and Our Lady of Fatima) as well as Roger Williams University. 


Political Background


I have always been interested in history and politics. Growing up, I loved WWI and WWII aircraft and the found the American Revolution and the history of America's founding to be my favorite historical periods.


Much of my political involvement has been as an advocate/activist, working with groups of like-minded people in an effort to bring change in a variety of areas. Having school-aged children, much of these efforts surrounded educational issues, including standardized testing policies and efforts to abandon Common Core in Rhode Island. I have also participated in efforts related to the passing of Rhode Island's medical marijuana program and against taxpayer-funded public/private partnerships, such as the Providence stadium project and 38 Studios. More recently, my efforts have been focussed on fighting against the use of taxpayer funds to restore the "Superman Building" in Providence and the RhodeWorks toll program. and concerns over RhodeMap RI’s implications on personal property rights throughout the district and state.


In 2014 I assisted Bob Healey as a member of his campaign team during his run for governor. During the campaign Bob assumed for me, as he did for many of us, a mentor/advisory role that carried on beyond the campaign. His common sense approach to politics and the belief that we can change the status quo was sublty inspiring, while also ringing true. During the campaign, Bob had asked if I had any interest in running, myself, as a candidate. While I enjoyed the political process and working with others on issue based initiatives, at the time, I did not feel the burning desire to be the candidate. He would smile and say, “Don’t rule it out”.


A few of the individuals from the Healey campaign made efforts to move the Moderate Party forward, but ultimately decided that assisting others with the resuscitating of the Libertarian Party would provide us a greater opportunity to build upon the efforts that we had made with Bob.


After the fraud, deception, and impropriety that we have seen in the past two years, I came to the realization that we will not see true, positive change in our political and economic future in Rhode Island if we continue to elect the same people, or simply let them return to office unopposed. In 2014, 40% of the General Assembly had no opponent. When the threat of losing your seat is absent, so is the incentive to truly represent the electorate. As such, I decided to declare my candidacy for the District Representative in Disctrict 67 (Warren/Barrington).



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